Reasons for Premature Ejaculation




Premature ejaculation is a kind of concern that isn’t considered a real medical condition through the medical community. Based on WebMD, 30 to 70 % of males report experiencing PE in their lifetime. Although PEis a subjective description, most medical experts agree that it is defined by not being able to control ejaculation for a specified duration to sustain the sexual needs of 1 or each partner. Reasons for ejaculation problems may be either physical or psychological, and it does not mean a problematic medical condition.

reasons for premature ejaculation
1. Physical

Reasons behind PE
o Because the sexual process is complex and involves not merely the sexual organs, nevertheless the brain and nerves also, the actual physical mechanism behind ejaculation problems is difficult to isolate. In line with the Male Health Center, research inside the 1990s indicated that the pelvic musculature was sometimes hypersensitive in men who experience frequent Pe The themes of study were found to become more sensitive to vibratory stimulus of penile and pelvic tissue. Serotonin and serotonin receptor sites have also been found to experience a key role in ejaculatory control. Inside a study of mice on the University of Nijmegen, in the Netherlands, researchers discovered that mice given a serotonin blocking agent were prone to faster ejaculation than untreated mice. As it is has been seen as that antidepressants like Prozac that act on serotonin receptor sites can cause delayed ejaculation, some doctors are utilizing antidepressants to deal with Pe.

Psychological Reasons for Premature Ejaculation
o Since it was already revealed that serotonin, that is in charge of mood regulation, strikes ejaculatory control, many psychologists theorize the male ejaculatory response may be influenced by mood, stress and also childhood trauma. Performance anxiety, a situation of mental agitation over one’s sexual prowess, could also give rise to PE. Based on Medlibrary, in a study done in 1999 on young married people, researchers found out that mankind has the shortest ejaculation inhibition time throughout the female’s most fertile phase, showing that the larger biological picture of procreation could be involved in ejaculation timing.

Medical Causes
o According to Blue Sheild of Massachusetts, there are some serious medical conditions that could cause early ejaculation as a complication or symptom. Although rit is are, ejaculation problems could be linked to multiple sclerosis, nerve damage, neurological disorders and just any extremely sensitive penis.
o Early ejaculation is entirely unrelated towards the condition erection dysfunction, for which there are numerous pharmaceutical and other treatments. Most cases of ejaculation problems would not have an actual physical or psychological disorder, and may even be looked at normal when they occur infrequently.

Solving Early ejaculation
Since several with the reasons behind premature ejaculation are often associated with mood and muscle control, there are several things you can do to avoid or turn back problem. Both the “stop and start” technique–which involves stimulation to the point of near-orgasm and then stopping for 30 seconds and repeating–and the squeeze technique–which involves stopping lovemaking and pinching the tip of your penis until arousal subsides after which starting over–are recommended by Blue Shield of Massachusetts as ways to get buff control. In addition they recommend using the woman-on-top position, because it is much easier for your man and may decrease performance anxiety.


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